Pastel World 2st Single 『Violet Fantastic Necro』

1.Violet Fantastic Necro
(東方妖々夢 ∼ Perfect Cherry Blossom.)
2.Cherished Cherry Phantom
原曲:幽雅に咲かせ、墨染の桜 ∼ Border of Life
(東方妖々夢 ∼ Perfect Cherry Blossom.)
3.Violet Fantastic Necro (Instrumental ver.)
4.Cherished Cherry Phantom (Instrumental ver.)
Original Compose:上海アリス幻楽団

All Arranged:どるふぃん
All Instruments and Vocals:どるふぃん

Produced in 平成二十八年 博麗神社秋季例大祭
          Space て-25b
Price ¥500-

Jacket Design : もののふ
Web Design : confetti*
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